So I have clearly been ignoring this blog for a while, well that is about to stop! I am going to try and keep the content far more regular from now on and might even freshen up the page a bit, which is nice.

 So what might seem like a rather small update to most but was rather large to me was my new bonnet (or 'hood' for you guys on the other side of the water). It is something I have been deperatley looking for since owning my R32 and I am glad to say I finally have it! I had pretty much narrowed it down to either a BN Sports style vented bonnet, which seems to be rarer than hen's teeth, or a D-max D1 Spec style.

 All the UK suppliers had been out of R32 vented bonnets for some time and with delivery costs form Japan being as much if not more than the bonnet I was forced to wait it out until something used popped up. Then through a little secret group I run on Facebook for R32 owners (hit me up if there are any more of you out there I have missed!) this D-max style item turned up for sale local so I grabbed it fast!

 I am delighted with it and really feel like I am nearly at a final point with my exterior. Hopefully it will be a function as well as form item and will also lower my under bonnet temperatures which have been a little high when I have been using the car on track.

 Hopefully this will be the first of many more regular updates!

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