Got the R32 in the workshop now and have been cracking on with it. Unfortunatley I am waiting on quite a few parts to get on with the jobs I am doing.

One of my main aims with the R32 is to make it a competent drift car. To achieve this I knew I would have to modify the suspension componentry. So with this in mind and still waiting on a number of parts for other jobs I decided to make a start on modifying the suspension. The first port of call was a pair of S14 LCAs I had picked up for the project. I knew that I want to increase the front track width while also allowing more room for the increase in lock I intend to achieve also.

So we made these up:

We have extended the arms by 20mm and also added in underside bracing similar to what is seen on S15s and Nismo arms. All the welding done is using a TIG welder so is very strong and a bit more appealing to the eye. We also made up a jig so we can easily make more in the future. This should allow me to run a much more suitable camber setting while also giving more room for lock and a wider front track creating a more stable front end.

I can't wait to get on with the other bits I intended to modify and get them all fitted to the R32 and see (feel!) the difference. If anyone is interested in getting a pair of these made up for their own car let me know. It can be done for a reasonable price and I could also fit DW polybushes/ new ball joints to the arm if required. A fitting service to the car is also available.

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