To start, I must apologise for leaving the blog idle for 2 months, what a lazy bugger I am!

So on the 29th July me and my girlfriend loaded the R32 with all our camping gear (It was seriously full!) and headed to Mallory Park for the Awesomefest weekend organised by Driftworks.

Didn't really do much to the car before hand apart from order a passenger side rail from Driftworks and fit my passenger bucket seat so my girlfriend wouldn't be banging her head all over the place.

Took the R32 out on track for 2 sessions on Saturday and on Sunday. First time out on Mallory and I loved it - what a cool track! I wasn't happy with the way I was driving and didn't get Gerrards right once, on my very last lap I did a big clutch kick entry in 3rd which felt good until I realised I was on the wires of the back tyres and buried it in the gravel!

I deffo need more power in the car as I was struggling with the faster stuff but that should be sorted when I finally fit my HKS turbo. I was pretty happy with the way I was doing the tight chicane at the back of the circuit, I think I was entering pretty early and it felt pretty good.

Here are some pics I found of it taken by random people:

I still have loads of stuff to fit to the car, turbo, alloy flywheel, roll cage, harness etc. But I have just confirmed that I am moving back to Ireland soon where I have a well equipped workshop that will allow me to go a bit more mental on the car, I have plenty of ideas and hopefully the car should turn into something pretty cool as soon as I can get on it.

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